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One of the great joys of cichlid keeping is  networking and sharing information with fellow cichlidophiles, which enables all of us to make new friends, learn new things, and expand the hobby. This blog is a vehicle for sharing information with you, the reader, and it serves as a notebook of sorts for topics and other bits of information that I frequently refer back to. I hope that as you explore the blog you find something interesting and informative. Perhaps you will learn something new. Furthermore, if you find something useful, I hope that you will share it with your aquarist friends. In fact, I encourage you to do so.

Having said all of that, please be mindful that the text and photos you find here belong to me unless otherwise noted. You’re free to share it but you’re not free to do so unless you also cite my blog as the source. Sharing content without attribution (or acknowledging where you got the content from) is fraud, which is a form of theft. You are taking something from me and using it for your own gain (e.g., financial, reputation). Under the copyright license I have for this site, you’re free to use content found here without my permission as long as you cite my blog. If you want to quote the words from my interviewees or share other quoted information on my blog, cite both that person and my blog. It’s not complicated.

Have you ever performed a web search looking for a cichlid profile, gone to several of the sites from the search results, and noticed that many of the sites contain the exact same text? That’s because one site simply copied from another. That profile text originated somewhere but has been passed off as original on other sites to either make them seem authoritative, make them seem reputable, or some other intentional purpose. It happens all of the time and it’s wrong. Please don’t do that. No one likes a thief, and that’s basically what you are when you do it.

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