I’ll tumble for ya

Yeah, so the title of this post is a cheesy reference to 80’s music. Nonetheless, if you plan to breed cichlids on a regular basis, especially mouth brooders, you should probably understand the ins and outs of egg tumbling. Tumblers are available via retail. There are also plenty of articles and videos detailing how to build one yourself.

One of the better descriptions of the egg tumbling process is in Marc Elieson’s excellent article. Marc is an expert cichlidophile who has kept and bred dozens of Victorian and Malawi cichlids. He’s also written numerous articles about all aspects of cichlid keeping, many of which can be found at cichlid-forum.com. Some of the articles are dated, but much of the content is still accurate and applicable. Marc is now a medical doctor, which might explain why he’s no longer prolific with his cichlid articles. 

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