How did I get here?

I have shared snippets throughout various posts about how I got where I am in my fish keeping travels. I have shared the names of people who have helped me in one way or another – some I know and some I don’t. If you read the blog regularly, which I hope you do, then you’ve also read posts where I’ve acknowledged mistakes along the way. I’ve made plenty of them and, sadly, they’ve sometimes come at the expense of fish. 

There are many things that have contributed to my success and failures in the hobby. Sometimes I have learned the hard way. The hobby is constantly growing and evolving, and you should never get complacent or stop learning.

There is one thing, however, that has remained constant with respect to my fish keeping – reading print resources. In fact, while I have sought the advice of many expert aquarists over the years, reading is what is responsible for the majority of what I have learned about fish keeping and the world of cichlids.

Years ago, you could pretty much trust the accuracy of everything that you read. With social media and the ease at which anyone can publish just about anything on the Web, it’s no longer true. This is why I encourage you to place your trust in, and continue to read, traditional print resources – magazine articles, scholarly articles, books, monographs, newspapers. These resources are still vetted, more so than much of what you read on the Web. 

In any case, I am thankful to those who have contributed to print resources by writing about all aspects of being an aquarist. You have played a vital role in getting me where I am in the hobby, and I thank you. 

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