Have a happy new year in more ways than one!


Image from http://www.new-year-sms.in/.

If you’re the “make a new year’s resolution” type, consider one of your resolutions to be rearranging your tank. One of the best ways to experience the full range of behaviors from your cichlids, especially if you have a community tank, is to modify their landscape. Rearranging the tank often eliminates established territories and changes the tank dynamics. That cichlid that was once quite dominant can suddenly become a bit less rowdy and aggressive. Of course, the opposite might also occur, but that’s a risk I’m always willing to take.

Put in new rock, add some plants (artificial or live depending on the species you keep), change the substrate, add other new elements. The beauty of rearranging the tank is that what you do is often more a result of your imagination than anything else. If you want to emulate the natural environment of the species you keep, go for it. If you want to be more whimsical and decorate with a theme, do that too (read Pam Chin’s interview to see what she does).

A new, fresh perspective might reinvigorate the aquarist in you, it might make you feel better about your tank, and it might give your fish new things to explore.

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