Good days and bad days

Experience will show you that keeping multiple tanks increases exponentially the probability of having a water accident. At the present, I have seven tanks going. I do water changes on five of those tanks every Sunday. Last week was no exception. What is typically a smooth process was anything but that day.

Yep, I had not one water spill but two. First, my vacuum hose came out of the bucket while I was cleaning a filter (see how I do water changes here). That resulted in probably a gallon of water into the carpet. All of my show tanks are on carpet. To make matters worse, the carpet is a darker color, meaning I don’t readily see a spill. But my bare feet feel it. Ugh. Shortly after getting that one cleaned up, I caught my foot on a bucket containing prefilter sponges (five of them, to be exact). When I remove these sponges from the tanks, I put them in a bucket, and yes they’re full of water when I put them in there. So naturally the bucket had water in it. Thankfully, it probably didn’t contain more than a couple of cups worth. I tried to step over it and obviously failed. Anyway, that was just another water spill to have to clean up.

The good news is I didn’t flood my fish room, something I have managed to do twice in the past six months.

Needless to say, last Sunday was not a good day working on the tanks. Oh, and I forgot to mention that I turned over one of the filter baskets from the canister I was working on, causing the loose media to spill out all over my work bench.

Anyway, the point is to be prepared to have days like this when you work on multiple tanks. It WILL happen.

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