Giving thanks

When I started in this hobby many years ago, I embarked on a journey to consume as much information about cichlids as possible. I read books, articles, studied photos, and spent hours upon hours online, seemingly canvassing every corner of the Web that I could reach. In addition, I relied upon the knowledge of a handful of aquarists and cichlidophiles, all of whom were patient and courteous despite my constant inquiries.

As we pause today to give thanks for family, friends, blessings, and anything else we’re thankful for, I wanted to take a second to give thanks to all of those who, in some way, have helped fuel my passion for the hobby, provided advice, or have even been gracious enough to be interviewed here on the blog. Below is a short list of those individuals (in no particular order):

  • My dad
  • Brett Ellis
  • Ralph Cabage
  • Don “Z man” Zilliox
  • Mo Devlin
  • Sam Borstein
  • John Carlin
  • Uwe Romer
  • ​Neal Pronek
  • Vin Cutty
  • David Boruchowitz
  • Pam Chin
  • Leah Watkins
  • Anthony Ford
  • Cindy Williams
  • ​Mike Drawdy
  • Rudiger Riehl
  • Herbert Axelrod
  • Ron Coleman
  • Ad Konings
  • Paul Loiselle
  • Glen Axelrod
  • Oliver Lucanus
  • Daryl Hutchins
  • ​Sam Garcia, Jr.
  • Hans A. Baensch
  • ​Warren Burgess
I apologize to anyone who I left out. Any omission was purely accidental. ​Happy Thanksgiving!

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