Get a new t-shirt from The Cichlid Stage – for free

The Cichlid Stage t-shirt, front. Photo by the author.
The Cichlid Stage t-shirt, back. Photo by the author.

One quick-acting blog reader can win a free t-shirt right now. I will even ship it for free (anywhere in the world)! To participate you must be a member of at least two of the Facebook groups listed below. The rules are simple and are listed below the Facebook groups. You must complete each step in the rules. The first reader that completes each step below wins!

  • Dwarf Cichlids World Wide
  • Shell Dwellers
  • Cichlid Keepers
  • Tanganyika Cichlids in the USA
  • African Cichlids Worldwide


  1. In any two of the Facebook groups listed above, write a post about my blog saying something positive about it and include a link to the blog in both posts –
  2. Leave a short comment right here on the blog underneath this post that describes why you like my blog.
  3. Correctly and accurately fill out the form on my Contact page . Include the following in the form:
    • The name of the two Facebook groups where you posted.
    • Your shirt size (M, L, XL, XXL).
    • A valid address to have the shirt delivered to.

NOTE: Your blog posts in both Facebook groups must remain for at least three days. I WILL verify that. So I won’t send the t-shirt until I’ve seen both posts have remained the duration. I will announce the winner in the comment section below. 

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