Formal names coming for pike cichlids

Crenicichla sp. var. Rio Xingu orange. Photo from Segrest Farms.

For the pike cichlid enthusiasts, there is an ongoing research project you might find interesting. With an objective to formally name a variety of undescribed species from the Xingu river (Rio Xingu) of northern Brazil, the iXingu Project

“…will advance understanding of the contribution that large river rapids make to tropical biodiversity and productivity, and will train a wide range aquatic scientists needed for the future study, protection and restoration of these habitats. An on-line, publicly accessible illustrated guide to the identification of LXRR fishes and invertebrates will be created.and is nearing its end.”  – National Science Foundation

Funded by a 5 year, $400,000 National Science Foundation (NSF) grant, the project is close to naming three currently unnamed Crenicichla species (Xingu 1, 2, and 3).

You can find additional information about the project on the NSF website. Stay informed about the latest findings by joining the iXingu Project Facebook group. In addition, check out my interview with pike cichlid expert Vin Kutty.

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