Fish room envy

lIf you have a fish room, consider yourself fortunate. Us cichlidophiles always wish we had more room because, let’s face it, we always need one more tank, right?

Sadly, I do not really have a room dedicated to fish tanks. My tanks have to share space with things like, you know, beds, sofas, desks, armoires, etc. I’m lucky that my wife is patient enough with my cichlid obsession to allow me to maintain two show tanks. She has also allowed me to commandeer a walk-in closet, affectionately referred to as “the fish closet,” pictured below.

The closet doesn’t actually contain any running tanks, but it does store all of my equipment and supplies. It also holds my breeding and quarantine tanks, for quick and easy access.


Fish closet photo courtesy of the author.

Some time ago, I posted about being a JIC (Just In Case) person. Because I maintain that philosophy with respect to fish keeping supplies, my fish closet stays packed. It’s hard to tell in the photo, but the closet currently holds one 40g breeder (with pine stand), two 20g longs, three 10g, and a 5.5 gallon tank (Ahhh, the magic of nesting!). That’s all in addition to countless filters (some still brand new), numerous water and air pumps, light fixtures, filter supplies, rocks, shells, hoses, spare parts, etc.

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