Fish Forums

As I briefly touched on in an earlier post, there are many resources for information about cichlids. However, there is no substitute for acquiring information directly from someone who has experience, and fish forums provide that opportunity. There are some great online aquarium forums out there. I have to admit, when I first began my foray into fish keeping, I spent hours on various forums soaking up all the information I could. I even signed up and engaged by asking numerous questions. Eventually, I was invited to become a moderator on a forum because I advanced from asking questions to answering them, which was a great experience. This all proved incredibly invaluable to my personal fish keeping knowledge base. Having said that, let me offer up two online forums that I highly recommend – one is cichlid specific and one isn’t. There are others, and I encourage you to find a forum that you like and trust, and engage. It can be a rewarding experience in many ways.

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