Finding blog content

If you’re new here or only drop by on occasion, you might not be aware of the various content on the site and how to get to it. If you’re on a desktop or tablet, there is a right side bar that contains the following in order (from top to bottom):

  • a list of interviews I’ve done,
  • a list of recent posts,
  • a dropdown menu to search by post category (there are six categories),
  • a dropdown archive menu to search by month,
  • a list of websites
  • and a list of cichlid Facebook groups.

This same content can also be found on mobile devices but you have to scroll toward the very bottom to get to it. Since roughly half of the site viewers use mobile devices, this isn’t ideal. However, I’m happy with the WP theme that I use and am reluctant to change it. Also, I haven’t received any complaints about this, so…

On the positive side, I have made searching quite easy by providing search tools at the top of the page that appears on all devices. The search tool is quite powerful, so I encourage you to use it to look for older content.

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