1. Why are there no sponsors or advertisements on your blog?

The simple answer is because I don’t want any. The blog’s purpose isn’t to make money and, since I don’t benefit financially in any way from anything found on the site, I’m not beholden to anyone for the site’s contents. Furthermore, I don’t want ads and other extraneous links cluttering up the site. I want the site to be simple, clean, and ad-free.

2. What is the purpose of your blog?

See the About this blog link in the navigation above.

3. Do you respond to messages when contacted?

Absolutely, as long as your message isn’t inflammatory, antagonistic, or otherwise irrelevant to the blog. If you can be civil, by all means contact me. I love to meet and communicate with fellow cichlidophiles!

4. I commented on a post but it’s not showing up. What happened?

Since all comments are moderated, the most likely scenario is that your comment was ignored because it was inappropriate or got caught by my spam filter. This is a friendly site, and the criteria listed in question #3 above equally apply to post comments. If you violate the criteria, your comment will not be posted but rather simply deleted. Disagreement and debate about posts are more than welcome and, in fact, appreciated. However, engaging in either of those can and should be done in a civil manner. If you submitted a comment, you don’t believe it violated the rules, and it doesn’t appear soon after you submit it, please send me a note so I can make sure something hasn’t happened with the site.

5. Do you accept suggestions for posts and interviews?

Of course. I love to get feedback, suggestions, questions, etc.

6. Can I share information that I find on your site with others?

Sure, and I encourage you to do so, as long as you provide the appropriate attribution. See the copyright section on the About this blog page linked in the navigation above. Also, see my post about information sharing.

7. Do you have a Facebook page?

Yes, but not tied to the blog. I would love to have one associated with the blog, but I just don’t have time to maintain this site and a Facebook page to go with it.

8. Why do you not have much information about Central and South American cichlids?

The short answer is because that’s not what I keep, and my experience with those genera is more limited. I keep African Rift Lake cichlids – from Lake Malawi and Lake Tanganyika.

9. Why do you tend to focus on small or dwarf cichlid species?

I only keep smaller cichlids, or those widely considered dwarf species. I would love to keep the larger species at some point, but I mainly don’t because I don’t have the space. Large species require large tanks.

10. Do you breed any species?

Sure, sometimes. When I do depends on several factors: 1) the species I currently have, 2) the needs of my LFS, 3) the time of year (some parts of the year are busier for me than others with respect to my occupation).

11. Why not have a YouTube channel and/or do a video blog instead?

Mainly, four reasons. 1) I’m old school, which means I gravitate more toward reading and writing, 2) Reading is fundamentally important, and I think everyone should do a lot of it, 3) It’s much quicker to write a post than it is to produce a high quality video demonstrating/showing/explaining something, so it’s a time thing, 4) Since I don’t do this to make money, the return on investment (ROI) for me is already low and would be much lower if I produced videos (see #3 above in this question).

12. What separates your blog from other blogs focused on cichlids and cichlid keeping?

Great question and probably one best for the readers to answer. Though I don’t routinely read cichlid blogs, my general conclusions are, in no specific order, 1) there aren’t very many of them, 2) many are no longer active, 3) for those still active, the post frequency is low, 4) mine has no sponsors and/or advertisements, and 5) others don’t offer the same range/variety of content.