Experiment and be creative


Photo courtesy of the author.

Because I’m always thinking up new ideas for water flow, filtration, etc., I’m always experimenting. You should do the same. While most of the aquarium products at the pet store of your LFS were designed for specific uses, you don’t have to use them as intended. In fact, I’m constantly modifying and repurposing pumps, filters, powerheads, etc.

One of the easiest modifications you can try is creating new types of in/out-takes for your filters/pumps, such as creating your own spray-bar with a short length of PVC. Or buy a couple of flared nozzles, add a “Y” connector, and create an outflow in two separate directions. If you want to create a little extra filtration, add some media to a 16 oz condiment or water bottle and connect it to your powerhead intake. The options are endless. You can get lots of ideas from YouTube, but make it your own. Be creative!

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