Eggs, eggs, and more eggs


Telmatochromis sp. “temporalis shell” eggs inside an Apple snail shell. Photo by author.

I’ve posted before about my breeding pair of Telmatochromis sp. “temporalis shell”. I’ve also mentioned how incredibly prolific they are. Though I can’t count the number of offspring they’ve had and the number of fry I’ve accidentally vacuumed up (relax, I use a gravity siphon and they go in a bucket), I had yet to see their eggs. I have nearly a dozen shells in the tank, and the female doesn’t always use the same shell.

Well, today during the 1/2 tank clean out that I do twice a month, I was moving shells to vacuum and there they were. I think the female typically lays her eggs as deep in the shell as she can, but this time she didn’t. I spotted the eggs almost immediately. In the photo above, you can see the eggs just inside the aperture of the shell. I didn’t look deeper to see if there were more but I’m betting there are. You can see that they’re cream colored and about the size of the head of a ballpoint pen.

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