Don’t let them go away!


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As this Christmas season is nearing its end, I wanted to remind you of the benefits of patronizing your local fish store (LFS). This post isn’t about debating the pros and cons of brick and mortar stores versus online stores. It’s more a plea to get you to support small business and what they represent. The big box pet store chains (e.g. Petco, PetSmart) and the small business independents support the local economy in many ways that are unseen.

If you’ve lived in the same city or locality for any length of time, you’ve seen businesses come and go. You’ve probably even witnessed many small businesses close up. Retail trends over the last 20 years suggest that online purchases continue to outpace brick and mortar purchases, which is bad news for your local stores. E-commerce is increasing dramatically. Even though there is tremendous value in the local stores to the communities that they serve, they will eventually go away without your support.

If you still have some last minute gifts for that cichlidophile in your life, please consider making a purchase at your LFS, even it it means you have to drive a short distance to do so.

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