Custom ceramic caves


Do you recall my post from a couple of months ago about Pleco Caves, the small company in Indiana that makes various types of ceramic caves? I provided them with some specifications for a couple of types of caves I wanted for my cichlid tanks. I described these a bit in that previous post, but what I didn’t mention is that I had some of the caves made with one end sealed off. See the photos below.


Custom ceramic caves on their side (4″ and 6″). Photo by author.


Custom ceramic caves standing on end (4″ and 6″). Note that two of these have one end that is closed. Photo by author.

After a couple of months and some trial and error on their part, I recently received 16 custom made caves. These things are awesome! You can’t see them in the photo of my 75g tank (see the post What is my set-up? Pt. 1), but the entire understructure of the rock work is made with these caves, allowing numerous tunnels under the rocks.

I highly recommend the company, even if you don’t want something custom made. They stock a wide variety of cave types for plecos, cichlids, and other aquarium inhabitants. They also sell driftwood, Xtreme brand fish food, and other products. Visit their website and place an order. Tell Brantley and Jodi that I recommended them!

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  1. I highly recommend this company also! I’ve bought from them at the Chicago area fish swaps and via mail order and it’s been a great experience every single time. They package their product very well and the caves are the most affordable I’ve found! They are a must for any cichlid or pleco breeder!


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