Congochromis – A genus of beautiful, small, yet sparse species in the hobby

Congochromis sabinae. Photo from
Congochromis dimidiatus. Photo by Anton Lamboj at”.

One genus of dwarf cichlid that seems to get little attention yet includes, in my opinion, some of the most colorful species is Congochromis. These small cichlids (~ 3″) are found in shallow streams within the central African continent (Gabon, DRC, and Central African Republic).

Most of the information available online for this genus focuses on only a couple of species, which you can easily find with a Google search. However, one of the most comprehensive profiles of C. sabinae that I found is on the Seriously Fish website. has some additional nice photos of C. dimidiatus and C. sabinae. As Ted Judy pointed out in the January/February 2017 edition of Tropical Fish Hobbyist, C. dimidiatus would make a good choice for a cichlid nano tank. Unfortunately and I’m not entirely sure why, but none of the species in the genus seem to be easily found in the hobby.


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