CARES Exchange publication

Cover of April 2018 issue of The CARES Exchange. Image from

If you’ve never heard of or are not familiar with the CARES program, I encourage you to learn about it. Rather than describe it myself, visit the interview I did with Greg Steeves. He did a fantastic job describing the program, including information about how you can get involved.

Another lesser known benefit of the program is the publication of the CARES Exchange. The latest issue (April 2018 PDF) has a great article written by Pam Chin about Lake Tanganyika, which is quite timely coming on the heels of Wolfgang Staeck’s article about the lake in the latest issue of Cichlid News, which I posted about last week.

The purpose of the Exchange is

…to make available a listing of CARES fish from the CARES membership to those that may be searching for CARES species.

To this end, it includes species for sale with the seller information as well as a section dedicated to those looking for specific species.  However, don’t overlook the articles and other nuggets of information in each issue. NOTE: CARES is not cichlid specific.

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