Calling all eartheater and Apisto enthusiasts

Apistogramma cacatuoides.
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Geophagus sp. Tapajos ‘Red head’.
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I’m looking for some Apistogramma and eartheater (Geophagus/Satanoperca) experts/enthusiasts to interview. Know anyone? Drop me a line if you do along with their contact information, if you have it. 

2 thoughts on “Calling all eartheater and Apisto enthusiasts”

    • Hey Dustin. There are obviously plenty of folks out there who keep these. I know more who keep Apistos than eartheaters, but I’m looking for that someone with significant experience with either. I’m not actually looking for the fish. Lots of sites out there that sell them. Thanks for reading! Tell your cichlid friends about the blog if you like it.


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