Being serious….is not being lazy


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So you’re new to cichlids. Maybe you’re even new to fish keeping in general. Are you wanting to be a serious aquarist or are you just looking to “scratch an interest itch” so-to-speak? Regardless, take your role as fish keeper seriously enough to do some homework about the hobby and the fish you intend to keep.

There are way too many newbies who would rather take the easy and quick route of asking someone first. Make doing some research your first step. There are tons of resources out there to learn about cichlids and how to keep them in aquaria. Learn about the nitrogen cycle, learn about filter types, learn about the characteristics of the fish (e.g., maxumum size, diet). These things matter, and not knowing them is going to create problems for your fish and make your experience less than enjoyable.

Relying initially, or solely, on information provided by people on Facebook and fish forums is a risk your fish shouldn’t be exposed to. You have no way of knowing if the advice you’re receiving is accurate, whereas what you read in books, magazines, etc. is typically vetted, meaning the information is generally verified as accurate. Yes, there are plenty of folks in Facebook groups and other online resources that are very knowledgable and eager to help. There are also plenty of folks who know less than you do but want you to think they’re knowledgeable.

If you’re serious about fish keeping, you owe it to your fish to do your homework and at least learn the basics on your own. Anything less is just being lazy.

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