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Cover of the July 2020 Buntbarsche Bulletin. Photo from the American Cichlid Association –


Never heard of the Buntbarsche Bulletin (BB)? Go to the BB website or see my previous post about it for a full description. What I wanted to mention in this post is that the publication needs contributors. They need folks to submit articles for publication. You don’t have to be a cichlid expert and you don’t have to be a great writer. Daryl Hutchins, the editor, is a really nice guy and he’ll help you with editing. Btw, I did an interview with Daryl way back in 2016 (which reminds me I should do another one with him soon).

Anyway, if you’re a member of the American Cichlid Association (ACA), you’re automatically subscribed to the BB. I have gained a lot of cichlid knowledge by reading the BB. It’s been published for a long time and it contains some great historical information on the hobby. Sadly, it seems that lately the contributors are mostly the same people. Not that they’re sending in bad content. In fact, quite the contrary, but it needs content from more people. Besides the fact that you can tell your friends that you had an article published, your article will get read by thousands of people. What’s better than being able to share you cichlid experiences with fellow cichlid keepers? Oh, and did I mention that you get paid? That’s right. The BB pays for articles that get published.

The cichlid hobby is enjoyed by an incredible number of people and is growing all the time. That’s all the more reason cichlidophiles should be sharing their knowledge with others. You didn’t become a great cichlid keeper overnight. You learned by doing and you learned from others. I’m betting that, over time, you have even read your share of articles, visited websites, and maybe even read some fish keeping books. Other than the knowledge you gained by doing, you learned from someone else. Why not pay it forward and share some of your own knowledge and experience?

If you’re interested or want to know more, contact Daryl at He knows I was posting about the Bulletin’s need for more submissions, so tell him I sent you!

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