Authoritative information sources, Part 2

PictureImage of the January 2016 cover of Cichlid News.

As a follow-up to the previous post, another good source of cichlid information is Cichlid News. Published quarterly by a company called Aquatic Promotions of Miami Florida, the periodical is dedicated exclusively to cichlids. Each issue contains profiles of as many as four genus and species along with a What’s New Across the World section that highlights specific African and New World species. Also in each issue is a directory of cichlid dealers around the country.

Authors include a who’s who of cichlid experts such as Ad Konings, Paul Loiselle, Eric Hanneman, Laif DeMason, Ron Coleman, Lee Newman, Uwe Werner, Juan Miguel Artigas Azas, and Patrick Tawil just to name a few. Edited by Wayne Leibel, a cichlid expert himself, each issue is also jam packed with excellent color photos. ​

Visit the site and subscribe. Available in print and digital formats, the magazine is a great addition to your library. Back issues are also available.

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