Another successful move

If you remember back right before Christmas, I posted that I was taking a break due to moving across town. I actually moved right after Christmas, December 27 to be exact. What I didn’t mention is that I moved my fish before I actually moved myself. Due to the timing of everything, I was unable to move my fish out and in on the same day. Instead, I moved them to a relative’s house the 2nd week of December. Rather than net the fish, bucket them, take the tanks down then move the tanks and set them back up, I made a couple of tactical decision. What fish did I move? Mbuna in a 55g and 40g breeder (a single male Pseduotropheus sp. “Elongatus Chailosi”),  Tangs in a 75g, and a few non-cichlids.

First, I bought a new 75g and set it up at the relatives. I then transferred all the fish from the home 75g  tank, along with the filters, to the new 75. Second, I set up two 20g longs that I had and moved the mbuna from the 55g and 40g to those tanks. There were only a total of eight mbuna between the 55 and 40, so I split them evenly between the 20s. Normally, I wouldn’t recommend housing any adult mbuna in a 20g long, but I knew this was temporary.

Today, I retrieved all of the fish from the relative’s and brought them to the new place. I’m not really sure what the total number was, but it was in the neighborhood of 40-50 fish. Thankfully, all but one survived both moves. I lost a single non-cichlid (a tetra), but it wasn’t due to the moves. It was an older fish that died last week, I’m guessing from old age.

Anyway, my plan worked. In a couple of days, I’ll post some do’s and don’ts for moving fish, based on this experience.


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