Another great tool for your fish room!

20″ Lasko floor fan. Image from

Back in 2016, I posted about tools that every fish keeper should have on hand. Not much has changed from that list. However, there is one thing I omitted that might be just as important as any of those – a floor fan.

Why? Because you WILL overflow a tank, suffer a tank/filter leak, or have some other water issue. Unless you have a built in floor drain, you’ll also need some mechanism to remove excess water from the floor. A floor fan won’t do that, but it will be your best friend when you need to dry your carpet, when water gets into your baseboard or your flooring.

You don’t need an industrial size fan, unless you have a MAJOR water accident. My show tanks are all on carpet. I have three small floor fans (~20″) that get the job done whenever I have a problem. Bigger is better of course, but large fans are more expensive, are harder to move around, and take up more storage space when not in use. 

I can’t count the number of times I’ve had water issues. It comes with the hobby, and the probability of it happening increases exponentially with the number of tanks you maintain. I have had to dry carpet numerous times. and nothing will do that quicker than a floor fan (or several) aimed at the wet places. 

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