And watch those pots too!

In the previous post, I talked about rock shapes and how those with jagged or rough edges/ends can present problems for your more rambunctious species. What I didn’t mention was other types of caves and hiding places hobbyists often use – ceramic pots.

Unglazed 6″ ceramic clay pot with part of side cut out. Photo by the author.

Many hobbyists “customize” clay pots for use as breeding caves and for simple shelter. This customization typically involves cutting the pot in some way, usually to create a large opening on the side. Make sure you’re using unglazed pots.

Customization is good and creates additional options depending on how you intend to use the pot. However, unless you’re using a diamond cut bit or blade, you can create very jagged and sharp edges on the ceramic. That’s because it typically breaks.

Fortunately, a little sanding is all that is needed to fix the edges.  I don’t use sandpaper, but rather a Dremel to smooth mine out. See the photo above. The edges have been smoothed out nicely. See one of my earlier posts for the tools I use to break off large pieces.

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