An aquarist’s must have

Earlier this year, I posted about Tools of the trade, which identified tools every aquarist should have, in my opinion. Though not a tool, per se, towels are an asolute necessity for anyone who keeps fish. It’s not uncommon during my weekly maintenance to dirty at least three towels. Between drying my hands, wiping down tank glass, or drying up water drips, a supply of towels is indispensable.

Any type of towel will work. I don’t like large bath towels (too large) nor do I like hand towels (too small). I use hair towels, which are a size in between. At 20″ x 40″, hair towels are the perfect size to drape over my shoulder while I’m working…and to remain there when I bend over and not hang down to my waste. Towels are easy to find. Your local big retail store (Wal-Mart, Target, etc.) will have them, or you can order them online to get exactly what you want. I ordered my towels from

Since I do some kind of work on at least one of tanks almost every day, I dirty a lot of towels pretty quickly. That’s why I always have a stack of at least a dozen clean towels at the ready.

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