Amazonas magazine

Would you like to have information about fish keeping, including nice articles about cichlids, delivered to your computer and your home? Consider subscribing to Amazonas magazine, one of the best freshwater aquarium magazines available. While not specific to cichlids, nearly every issue has information of some utility for any cichlidophile (e.g., articles, new product information and ads, species snapshots). Furthermore, the photographs are awesome! Don't let the magazine title fool you, though. Content does not focus solely on the fish from the Americas (Central and South America). There is often plenty of information about cichlids from around the world.  Published bi-monthly, a one year subscription costs $29 (US). Even better, consider a three year subscription (18 issues) for $69, which is a bargain. That's $3.83 per issue. And if you're wondering how much magazine you get each month, the Jan/Feb issue was 100 pages! This is a great resource, even for the expert cichlid keeper. In my opinion, you can always learn new things about fish keeping, tank maintenance, etc. 

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