ACA’s Buntbarsche Bulletin

June 2018 Buntbarsche Bulletin cover.

The Buntbarsche Bulletin (BB) is the journal of the American Cichlid Association (ACA). First published in 1966, the BB is, in my opinion, a must have for any cichlidophile. Each issue contains several articles profiling cichlids, often species that are not frequently seen in the hobby. Being a member of the ACA  gets you four issues per year.  You can also order individual back issues.

Just this year, however, the ACA released all issues up to May 2018 on a single USB flash drive. The best part….it’s only $24.95 US (shipping included if in the US). So if you don’t want to join the ACA, you can still get past issues of the Bulletin at an unbelievable price.

I reached out to Daryl Hutchins, the BB editor, about the flash drives. Just getting to the point where the flash drives could be loaded required quite an effort. It took nearly two years to create all of the files. Each issue on the drive is searchable and appears exactly as originally printed (earlier versions are in black and white). If you order back issues separately, they cost $4 US each (plus shipping).

Take advantage of this offer while it’s available.


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