ACA Convention – Fish show room

Just finished my first full day at the convention. This first post focuses on one of the more overlooked aspects of the whole convention – the fish show. The convention is not only a place for fellow cichlidophiles from all over to get together and talk about this great hobby, but it’s also an opportunity for them to show off their fish…live. It is a competition that has divisions and classes for nearly all new and old world cichlid groups (Haplochromines, Mbuna, Aulonocaras, Geophagines, Acaras, etc.). Show cichlids are housed in the show room, which may contain as many as 200 tanks. Awards are given out in each class as well as Best in Division and, the biggie, Best of Show.

If you want to see some of the most gorgeous specimens of these cichlids, the show room is the place to be. Many of these fish are kept in tanks, not unlike yours at home, by hobbyists who love cichlids as much as you probably do.


Show fish room at ACA ’16. Some of the tanks sit empty because the photo was taken really early during the convention. Photo by the author.

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