About the author

My name is Scott. As an amateur freshwater aquarist for more than 20 years, I've kept many types of fish. I'm just a hobbyist whose fish keeping interests focus on cichlids, specifically dwarf species.

Years ago, I was a moderator/admin on a couple of online fish forums, where I helped direct traffic on mostly dwarf cichlids. Though I've kept various species of Central/South America dwarves, I'm partial to the smaller cichlids from the Rift Lakes of Africa. I'm on municipal water, which is quite hard and alkaline, so it's naturally better suited to these Africans.

Currently, I only have five show tanks operational - 2 x 75g, a 30g, a 33g long, and a 40g breeder. The 40g is a mixed tropical fish tank containing two cichlids - J. dickfeldi and T. sp. "temporalis shell".

I also have four 20g longs running, but they're tucked away in my fish room. I use these "as needed" for quarantine, hospitalization, nursery, fry grow out, segregation, etc.