A throwback resource


Image from http://www.thekrib.com.

If you’ve been keeping fish for a long time and you have used online resources since the late 1990s, then you’ll remember The Krib. I post about this because I can’t begin to explain how much this site meant to my early development as a cichlid keeper. Chock full of all kinds of information about the hobby, but specializing in plants and dwarf cichlids, this resource was a mainstay in my library of information. 

While the site is no longer active  and much of the content is quite dated (the last update was in 2002!), there are still nuggets of gold to be found there. I would encourage you to visit the site for two reasons – 1) you may well find something useful and interesting that you haven’t seen before and 2) you can get a good feel for how the hobby has evolved over the years, from aquarium products to processes. 

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