A South American biotope set-up


Photo from http://www.theaquariumguide.com/.

Interested in setting up a SA biotope? If so, then you should find this Step-by-Step Rio Negro Aquarium article very informative. Complete with numerous photos, the article outlines everything from the substrate to the aquascape to the fish that the author used, which includes Dicrossus maculatus.

Yes the maculatus is dwarf species (because the author’s set-up is a nano biotope – only 15g), but there is no reason you couldn’t simply increase everything proportionally to create a much larger set-up for your larger species. Many SA cichlid keepers emulate SA biotopes, including blackwater environments. In fact, there are many products available to facilitate such set-ups.

If you’re intrigued by this and want even more information, visit Tannin Aquatics, a website that focuses on such aquatic biotopes. The site also sells products specifically to create SA environments in the hobby. 

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