A new cichlid tank!

New 33g long aquarium by Aqueon. Photo by author.

Back in March, I posted about losing a seal on my 55g and about 40 gallons of water as a result (yes, that sucked). That was my dwarf mbuna tank. Since I moved all those fish to another tank, I was left with a 55g stand and no tank for it. Yes, I could have resealed the 55g but, because I get a discount on my tanks, it was cheaper for me to buy a new one than reseal the 55g (see my post on time vs. money). So I bought one, a 33g long to be exact. The 55g and the 33g long have the same footprint and bottom dwellers are planned for the new tank. I don’t need the extra height of a 55g, which would end up being wasted space. Yes, I could get some dithers, Cyps, or some other mid-water occupants but…

To be honest, I would rather have a tank with the same footprint as a standard 75g, but shallower. Ideally, the tank would be 48 1/2″ x  18 1/2″ x  14″ but, to my knowledge, no one makes such a tank stock.  I actually want three of them. I could get them custom made, but I’ve already priced that from one place. I’m waiting on a quote from a second place.

So what’s going in the new tank? Ahhhh, that’s a surprise, but I’ll tell you there are five different species coming…all Tangs. I already ordered the fish (25 total). All of them aren’t going in the new tank though. I also have a 30g square tank that’s currently empty and an understocked 75g. Two species will go in the 33g, the 30g will be species only, and two species will be joining some others in the understocked 75g.

All the fish are coming from Dave Schumacher. You don’t know Dave? Check out the interview I did with him last summer (2019) and visit his website – Dave’s Rare Aquarium Fish. He is fantastic to work with. Though I’ve ordered fish online several times, this is my first order from him. I normally get my fish air freighted same day, but he uses Southwest airlines, which doesn’t service my airport. So I had to go overnight with FedEx. We’ll see.

Anyway, I’ll post an update once the fish come in and I unbag them.


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