A more thorough profile

I have had many pets in my lifetime – dogs, cats, hamsters, gerbils, and fish. One thing I’ve always considered when deciding which breed or species to purchase is its average lifespan. Sadly, our profiles of cichlid species seem to lack this vital piece of metadata.

When was the last time you looked up a cichlid species profile and it included lifespan? Sure, all profiles include maximum fish size, behavior, ideal tank size, and ideal tank mates. In fact, they also generally include ideal water parameters such as pH, temperature, and hardness.

While many cichlids aren’t as long lived as cats and dogs, they also don’t cost near as much. Nonetheless, I like to know how long I should typically expect to have a cichlid species before I make the purchase. When you look up dog and cat breed profiles, that information is almost always included. Why isn’t it for cichlids too?

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