A medicine cup a day….

Coming on the heels of returning from travel, I realized that I might be able to share something useful about how I feed my fish when I’m gone. I mentioned in a previous post that I don’t use automatic fish feeders. I use the human kind. I get my house sitters to feed them for me.

So how do my sitters know what to feed and how much? I pre-fill medicine cups before I leave and simply write a note detailing when to dump the cup contents into the tank.


Side view of medicine cups. I included the AAA battery to show scale. Photo by the author.


Top view of medicine cups. Photo by the author.
If you’re like me, you feed a variety of foods. Because my house sitter doesn’t know anything about fish, he/she has no idea how much to feed or which foods to feed. I take those questions out of the equation.

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