A Lake Tanganyika primer

Latest cover of Cichlid News magazine. Image from http://www.cichlidnews.com/.

If you’re looking for a good summary description of the lake, including some historical information on cichlid collection there, check out the latest issue of Cichlid News magazine. Wolfgang Staeck has written a very nice little article about the lake titled “The aquaristic history of Lake Tanganyika and present threats to its ecology”.

The Cichlid News is subscription only, but it often has articles that you won’t find anywhere else. If you don’t already subscribe, I would encourage you to do so. For a mere $24, you can get the digital version emailed directly to you as a PDF file four times a year ($26 for the print version). The articles are written by knowledgeable cichlidophiles, many of whom are hobbyists just like you. Each issue typically has four or five articles plus a “What’s New Across the World” section that lists both newer cichlid species and species with increasing demand in the hobby. Complete with full color photos and a short fish description, this section might just facilitate interest in a species you’ve never kept. The current issue profiles 10 different species.

Check it out!

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