A great mom!

Julidochromis marlieri (bottom), Neolamprologus leleupi (just above marlieri), Neolamprologus tretocephalus (above the cave). Photo by author.

I haven’t posted any photos recently from any of my tanks, so I thought I would today. Specifically, I was able to get a shot of my female Julidochromis marlieri out in the open, along with a couple of her tankmates (two N. leleupi and a N. tretocephalus). In the very back of the tank, you can partially see my Eretmodus cyanostictus (to the left of the black skirt tetra). I had just finished a water change and had moved a couple of things around when I took the photo. The fish are naturally inquisitive, so were moving around a bit to check things out.

However, the point of the photo is to highlight the J. marlieri. She’s produced a lot of beautiful fry. I lost her mate a couple of months ago, so I need to get another one. I got her as a trio about 4 years ago.

Why do I call her a great mom? She successfully raised a number of broods in this 75g tank with calvus, trets, leleupis, telmats, and various other species as tankmates. This was no small feat. As beautiful as she is, it was her ability to keep her offspring together and out of harms way that makes her great. I’ve kept and bred other species of julies, and she ranks right up there with the best moms I’ve had.

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