A fry mystery

While cleaning one of the 75g tanks today, I noticed a single fry hugging the sand. I would never have noticed it had it not darted when I got close with the vacuum.

What species is it? Not sure. However, I’m confident it has to be either a Julidichromis ornatus or an Altolamprologus compressiceps Kasanga goldhead because those are the only multiples (multiple specimens of the same species) that are in the tank.

I guess it could theoretically be a black skirt tetra, since I have five of them as dithers. However, my understanding is they aren’t the easiest to breed and the water is  not conducive, so I’m doubting that’s it.

The other option is that someone hasn’t followed the rules – meaning hybridization – because all the other cichlid species are singles.

I’m going to go with the Julies. I’m pretty certain the goldheads aren’t mature enough yet to breed. I think the Julies are just barely mature enough and, given that I only saw a single baby, I’m guessing this was one of their first spawns. It’s not uncommon that early spawns don’t produce large broods.

I’ll update this post if 1) the baby (and any others) avoids predation long enough to identify or 2) there is another brood with higher numbers so I can identify them.

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