A DIY tank stand pt.2

Back on January 14, I posted about building a tank stand for dual 20g long tanks, and that post included a couple of photos of the unfinished stand. The stand is now finished, and I’ve included three more photos below.


Photo of tank stand from the side. Photo by author.

Notice that in the photo above I added the depth dimension (distance from front of stand to the back). The front of the tank stand is on the left. You can see that I left large openings in the rear of both the top and middle shelf. As I mentioned in that initial post, this is so I can put the stand flush against a wall yet still use external canister filtration if I choose.

Photo of tank stand looking from the rear. Photo by author.

In the photo above, you can see the length and width dimensions. Also, you can see the rear openings better. The openings are the same width as the 4 x 4 legs (~ 3.5″ wide). This leaves plenty of room for filter hoses.

Photo of tank stand turned upside down. Note the adjustable feet in each 4 x 4 leg. Photo by author.

This last photo above was taken before I finished the stand (i.e., the bottom shelf at the floor level hadn’t been completed). The photo shows the adjustable feet that I mentioned in the previous post. Each of the nylon leveling feet is clearly visible. They each adjust to 1″ and, collectively, are rated to support nearly 700 lbs, when extended. The floor where the stand will reside is pretty level, so I don’t envision needing to make much adjustment to the feet. However, one of the main reasons I installed them was to raise the stand off the concrete floor a little in case of a tank leak. I don’t have a floor drain so I didn’t want standing water from a leak to be absorbed by the stand legs.

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