A change of scenery = change in behavior

A little over four weeks ago, I made an online order for some new Tangs. Specifically, I ordered some Altolamprologus compressiceps “Kasanga gold head,” Lamprologus ocellatus, Lamprologus signatus, and Julidochromis ornatus – all juveniles. They came from Anthony Stissi of Staten Island Cichlids.

The signatus and compressiceps were quarantined together in a 20g long. I just moved them to a 75g. My what a difference the move to a larger tank has made in their behavior. I expected the juvenile compressiceps to be a bit skittish and shy…and I was right. Each time I came into the room where the 20g was, they would scramble and hide. They wouldn’t even come out to eat while I was present. Now in the 75g, they are out and about regularly. Even my approach to the tank doesn’t affect them. They happily eat as I stand and watch. The behavior change from the move was instantaneous.

The signatus, which I didn’t really expect to be very shy, also seem more gregarious in the 75. L. signatus are quite curious little fish that enjoy checking out the scenery. Though not quite as outgoing as ocellatus of the same genus, signatus are still pretty bold for such a diminutive species.

The moral to the story…sometimes a simple change of scenery can make a big difference in the behavior of your fish.

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