2021 American Cichlid Association (ACA) Convention

ACA 2021 logo. Image from https://cichlid.org/.


It’s just about that time. In fact, it’s really past time. Because the ACA Convention was canceled in 2020 due to the pandemic, this year’s version will be the first one in two years. If you haven’t already, mark your calendar.

Register and make reservations at https://convention.cichlid.org/.

I highly encourage you to attend. Even if you can’t be there, consider supporting the ACA and purchasing a t-shirt or a polo shirt online. 

The fine folks at the Missouri Aquarium Society are co-hosting this year’s event along with the ACA. As is always the case, several fantastic speakers are scheduled to bring you more information about cichlids than you’re going to get from some books. You’ll get to meet some of the finest cichlid breeders in the country, as well as some really friendly fellow hobbyists. In fact, many of the people you buy cichlids from will be there. Meet them and tell them how much you enjoy the fish you bought from them.

Been looking for that species that you just can’t seem to find anywhere? I guarantee you if the species is available in the hobby, someone at the convention will know where you can find it. And yes, there will be cichlids there that you can purchase. Maybe not that hard-to-find species, but plenty of others. 

As someone who has attended many of these conventions, I can tell you that the opportunity to meet a Who’s Who in the cichlid hobby is well worth the low cost of registration. In fact, it is at the annual ACA convention that I’ve personally met and gotten to know many of the interviewees here on the blog. 

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