Robert Pereda interview

Back in October, I posted about fish from a beautiful genus of cichlids called Symphysodon, better known as discus. Endemic to the Amazon river in South America, discus are truly unique within the cichlidae family of fish. They are a laterally compressed, slow moving fish that, as their nickname suggests, are shaped like discs or small platters.

In that original post, I mentioned a company, DiscusGuy, that sells these fish online. I knew very little about them when I wrote that post. However, prior to writing it, I reached out to the site hoping I could interview someone there.

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More interviews on the way!

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It’s been two months since I posted an interview but don’t fret. I’ve got three of them in the works right now. I’m always reluctant to say much about interviews in advance because I’ve had too many fall through at the last minute. However, assuming all three of these materialize, here are some hints on topics covered:

  • Madagascar species
  • Eartheaters
  • Discus
  • Mysis shrimp
  • The fish food industry

I’m not going to say much about the interviewees, but I will say two are industry business owners and one is a well known, respected hobbyist.

Stay tuned!