2017 Keystone Clash

If you have no plans for the weekend of September 22nd and you’re anywhere near Lancaster, PA, checkout this year’s Keystone Clash, which will feature Clash of the Cichlids V. 

The clash is a giant competition where fish are judged by an expert panel of judges. However, it’s not just about cichlids and includes other events, such as a fish showroom, a vendor room, an auction, a banquet, and a speaker program. There are four speakers lined up who will talk about a variety of fish and aquatic subjects, including cichlids. 

Prior to this post, I was unfamiliar with the clash and, unfortunately, its website doesn’t provide a comprehensive description. You have to do some digging around to figure out what it is. Even more unfortunate is the event site doesn’t provide any contact information (that I could find) if you want to inquire. However, the clash is organized by the Aquarium Club of Lancaster County and Cichlid Club or York, so I suspect you could reach out to one of those organizations for more information about the event. 

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